You Can Use the TroubleShooting Guide to Diagnose Issues with your Metal Disintegrator

Your Machine’s manual is set up to help you get started with your machine from the moment it arrives, through years of maintenance and repair.   We provide instructions for un-crating and setting up your machine, recommendations for getting started with your machine, guidance for disintegrating as well as schematics of your machine including part numbers.

Our troubleshooting guide has been compiled from common operator mistakes, machine use recommendations, replacements, or repairs that may be needed.  This guide is broken down in to sections to help you find troubleshooting for an Arc-er Head, IQ Head, Servo head or issues auto feed, your machine not turning on and other power issues.

This is a 31-page guide, but you may only need a couple of pages at a time.  This guide was created with pictures to help you easily walk through the steps to getting your machine working again.  Electro Arc does still provide troubleshooting assistance for your machine, but this guide was released in an effort to address the more common questions we receive.  


You Can Access Set-up and Operation Videos, Like This One, on This Website:

Electro Arc manuals have evolved and changed over the years,  from a small pamphlet addressing all models, to a larger packet of information specific to your machine’s model.  Depending on the year your machine was manufactured, you may need a different version of the manual.  This troubleshooting guide was designed to address troubleshooting steps for the majority of the years and models by generalizing steps to the category of issue.  We do recommend all machine owners read over the list of Dos and Don’ts which is also available on this website as a blog.   Proper machine maintenance is key to the longevity of your machine.  Metal disintegrators are extremely convenient but also an investment which can pay off for years and years.  We just found a machine owner still using a machine manufactured in 1951!

When Electro Arc started 75 years ago, they made 3 models, now we make over 40 different models.

The Following 10 Steps Used to Be Attached to Each New Metal Disintegrator:

The new Electro Arc troubleshooting guide was designed to provide machine owners like you with a reference tool to determine if quick fixes can be applied to the issue you are having with your machine or if you might need to contact our facility regarding disintegrating head or metal disintegrator repair.

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