What Size tooling can I disintegrate?

In order to use your metal disintegrator’s disintegrating head properly, please refer to the tap size tooling charts below which give you the limits of your Arc-er or IQ disintegrating heads as well as the appropriate KVA per tap or bolt size.  Use the appropriate selector chart to determine what size electrode you should use for your disintegration application.  If you are using the Arc-er or IQ disintegrating head, use our AC selector chart.  If you are using one of our Servo heads, use the DC selector chart.  If you have a Bolt Eater, please refer to the Bolt Eater selector chart.  Remember, DC machines are rated for carbide, if you are using an AC machine to disintegrate carbide you may not have your desired results.

*Please note that using the machine outside of these parameters may result in damage to the part, electrode or machine and will limit the life of your machine.

Operating Instructions for your Arc-er Disintegrating Head

The Arc-er disintegrating head is convenient for use in your shop tools or may be used with a fixture if you have purchased the mini mag or the 3000 lb magnetic base.  Please familiarize yourself with the instructions for tightening your chuck lock nut to avoid permanent damage to the threads.

Using Portable Disintegrators with Shop Tools

There are several configurations for your portable metal disintegrator and Arc-er head as illustrated below:  You may choose to chuck your Arc-er head directly to a machine tool or to use it with one of our fixtures.

Chuck Your Arc-er Head up to A Drill Press in 30 Seconds:

Check out the 3000 lb. Magnetic Base Fixture:

The fixture featured in the video above is available for use with our Arc-er head or the IQ head.  You may order the 3000 lb magnetic fixture as an option with your metal disintegrator or if you choose to purchase the model 2-SQT, this fixture is standard and comes with the IQ precision head.  Otherwise, you will want to choose a tabletop model which will provide you with a cross-arm structure to use your Arc-er or IQ head with.

DC Disintegrating Heads:

If you have a DC metal disintegrator, rated for use with carbide, you will have one of our servo disintegrating heads.  The full-size servo head gives you 12 inches of travel, disintegrates at any angle, and provides you with our most powerful disintegrating power.  The mini servo head is for use with our 1500 lb magnetic base offering you six-axis movement for positioning at any angle.  The pancake disintegrating head can also be used with machine tools like a drill press like the Arc-er disintegrating head.

Full Size Servo Head

Short Servo Head

Pancake Servo Head