What process do Metal disintegrators use?

The operation of our metal disintegrator is accomplished by making and breaking a low voltage arc between the electrode (also known a disintrode) and the workpiece at 60 times per second for our AC metal disintegrators and 120 per second for our DC metal disintegrators.  The arc, which comes from the operating head passes through the electrode, pinpointing a temperature of 5000 degrees Celcius at the tip which actually melts the material being worked on. At the same time, coolant under the pressure of 90 PSI passes through the hollow core of the electrode and rapidly cools the molten material creating a thermal shock which reduces it to a powder washed away by the coolant.  The resulting hole takes the shape of the electrode.  There is no annealing of material around the hole or distortion of the workpiece. The Electro Arc process:

What can you use a Metal Disintegrator for?

  1. Removing broken taps and drills is the most common use for metal disintegrators.  As a general rule, you will need an electrode 1/2 the diameter of the tap, disintegrating only the center of the tap.   This leaves behind the flutes which you can remove with a magnetic pick set. The original hole and threads are left undisturbed and the part is salvaged in just minutes.  You can remove broken drills and reamers, in the same way, saving your parts from being scrapped.
  2. Remove broken studs by disintegrating a hexagon-shaped hole part of the way into your stud s you can use an Allen wrench to remove the broken stud.
  3. You can complete a multitude of jobs with a metal disintegrator such as removing broken reamers, cutting holes in hardened steel, lubricant holes, bolt holes, restoring broken dies, cutting keyways, elongating holes, and embossing identification on steel rolls.

Here's a Comparison of the Arc-er and IQ Disintegrating Heads:

What are the features of a metal disintegrator?

  1. Disintegrating head – You can choose the operating head for a wide range of applications:
    A. Arc-er disintegrating heads – Our standard AC portable disintegrating head is designed for most of your applications with portability in mind.  You can use this head chucked into a drill press, boring mill or similar holding device on the spot eliminating unnecessary set-up time.  You can operate this head at any angle (yes even inverted!)
    B.  IQ disintegrator Head – You can choose this precision disintegrating head with virtually any of our AC metal disintegrators for an improved range of cutting power!  IQ which stands for “In-the-Quill” is designed for heavy-duty use to provide continuous service for the most demanding applications.  This special design minimizes maintenance and downtime and is backed by our machine’s 1-year warranty.
    C. Servo disintegrating head – This is our standard head available with DC metal disintegrators.  This head is specially designed for carbide disintegration providing heavy duty and precision use.  This disintegrating head disintegrates 2-inch bolts in a single pass.
  2. Portability – All of our metal disintegrators come on castor wheels making them easy to move around your shop.  Our compact models are portable units with the versatile Arc-er head,  to disintegrate broken tooling on large parts, production equipment, and machines on the spot. Tabletop units provide you with a work surface to disintegrate on and come complete with heavy-duty cross-arm structures for your disintegrating head.  You can choose between 4 cast iron tabletop sizes (see below), each equipped with T-slots for securing your part in place.
  3. Options – Each model features a number of options to improve your experience with metal disintegrators.  Our most popular option, the Auto-Feed feature provides an uninterrupted feed with no assistance from you!  Variable speed control and depth stop switch for automatic shut-off.  The Auto- Feed feature improves productivity for you and your metal disintegrator.  We also offer fixtures to provide your disintegrating head with the versatility and rigidity offered by our superstructure.
  4. Power options – We match your machine to your building’s power.  Every metal disintegrator is a single-phase machine.  

Who needs a metal disintegrator?

Most people are not aware that a metal disintegrator even exists. As you gain experience with metal disintegration you will find that virtually any metal working plant can use this machine.  Automotive, tool & die, aircraft, construction, casting shops, maintenance, and farm equipment are just a few of the industries currently using metal disintegrators every day!  The value in savings from reduced scrap can justify the purchase of one of these machines and will present a payback in no time!

What metal disintegrator should I choose?

The main determining factors to help you choose the appropriate machine for your application are:

What size parts are you planning to disintegrate?

 If you will be disintegrating large parts or working on equipment, you will want to choose one of our portable models.  If your parts are smaller we offer 4 basic tabletop sizes:

  1. 20″ X 19″ is our smallest tabletop size available on the 2-SE series for our AC models and the 2-SEC for our DC models.
  2. Our next size is 31″ x 30″ available n the 2-SA series for AC models and 1-SVC or 2-DVC for our DC models.
  3. 40″ X 32″ is the next size up available on our 1-S series for AC models and 1-SAC for DC models.
  4. The largest standard table top offered is 51″ X 39 1/2″ available in the HK series for AC and DC.
  5. We can also customize a table top for your specifications. 

What size taps. drills, tools, or holes will be disintegrated with your metal disintegrator?

The size of tooling will help to determine which disintegrating head to choose.  Our Arc-er head will disintegrate from .079″ to 3/4″ in a single pass.  The IQ precision disintegrator head disintegrates from .020 to 1″ diameter in a single pass.  This head is ideal for use with very small to larger tooling.  The servo head disintegrates the same sizes but is rated for use with carbide.

Will you be disintegrating carbide?

If you will be disintegrating carbide with your metal disintegrator, choose a DC machine.

How often will the metal disintegrator be used?

While our 120-volt option like the model 3-S portable AC metal disintegrator is a cost-effective machine, this machine is designed for infrequent use for most tap sizes and frequent use for 3/8″ taps and smaller.

We have developed a machine builder to help walk you through these steps yourself and compare machine features and options.

See The Model 3-S Portable Metal Disintegrator in Action:

Why should you choose an Electro Arc Metal Disintegrator?

Our metal disintegrators are designed with you in mind, our machines are offered at the most cost-effective option. We encourage you to compare us to the competitors for yourself! Every machine we sell, new or refurbished comes complete with a one-year warranty.  We continue to support your machine for its lifetime.

  • No special certifications are needed to learn to operate an Electro Arc metal disintegrator.  You will find on this site, a variety of training media and troubleshooting material to support you as you learn to use our machines. 
  • Our staff is available to help you with troubleshooting support
  • We sell everything you need to use and maintain your Electro Arc metal disintegrator
  • Our machines are known to last 20-40 years with proper maintenance and repair even longer!
  • Our disintegrating heads are removable you can use the Arc-er head in drill press or similar machine tool and we have a variety of support options including the superstructure which is standard on our tabletop models.
  • Our Auto-feed option offers uninterrupted positive feed and features a circuitry of modular design which can be removed as a circuit board.
  • Our metal disintegrators quickly remove your broken taps and drills in seconds so you can get back to work!