Electro Arc metal disintegrators have quite a few applications. We talk about these applications in our two-part series blog:

10 Ways you can use Metal Disintegrators

10 More Ways You can use Metal Disintegrators

You can use our metal disintegrators in every industry, from small shops like auto repair and machine shops to industrial applications like heavy machinery repair and repairing broken carbide buttons in the oil industry.  Stillion Industries purchased Electro Arc in 2019 and has begun a series of demonstrations since our company is understaffed and unable to offer in-person demos as Electro Arc has in the past.

How can I remove a small broken screw from Aluminum?

Can I disintegrate an Axle Shaft Pin with an Arc-er Head?

You can disintegrate any broken tooling with an Electro Arc metal disintegrator.  Depending on your application, you will want to choose from our AC and DC metal disintegrator options.  DC metal disintegrators are rated for use on carbide.  In the example below we are disintegrating out a broken Axle shaft pin.

Broken Dowel Pin Removal