Choosing an Electrode for your Disintegration Needs

In order to choose the appropriate size electrode for your disintegrating application, there is a selector chart like the one below for AC metal disintegrators and DC metal disintegrators, also if you are using a Bolt Eater, refer to the special selector chart for that machine, you can download each selector chart below.

Electro Arc makes and sells molybdenum electrodes for use with your metal disintegrator, you can also use copper and graphite electrodes.  You will need graphite electrodes for larger holes.  You can also request square graphite electrodes so you can use a socket wrench to back out your broken bolt.

The diagram below illustrates overburn for different broken tooling removal applications.

When you are looking to disintegrate out large broken tooling, multiple holes be the fastest way to remove your broken bolt, drill, or other fastener.