How is the Troubleshooting Guide Different than the Manual for my machine?

Your Machine’s manual is set up to help you get started with your machine from the moment it arrives, through years of maintenance and repair.   We provide instructions for un-crating and setting up your machine, recommendations for getting started with your machine, guidance for disintegrating as well as schematics of your machine including part numbers.

How are Electro Arc’s IQ and Arc-er Heads different? The Arc-er disintegrating head is great for portable use and offers the versatility to disintegrate at any angle.  Chuck this head to your machines like a drill press or use it with one of our fixtures. You can remove broken tooling from .079 to 3/4 inches in a single pass with the Arc-er disintegrating

10 Easy Steps to Operating your metal disintegrator

Download this guide Quick Operating Instructions for your Metal Disintegrator Follow the 10 easy steps below to get your machine ready to disintegrate. Please note these steps may vary slightly if you are not using a machine with a fixture.   Refer to our Setup and operation section for instructions by machine model. This quick guide