A Look at How the Arc-er and IQ Disintegrating Heads are Different:

The Arc-er disintegrating head is great for portable use and offers the versatility to disintegrate at any angle.  Chuck this head to your machines like a drill press or use it with one of our fixtures.

You can remove broken tooling from .079 to 3/4 inches in a single pass with the Arc-er disintegrating head.  This head is standard for our portable AC units including our most popular unit the 2-S metal disintegrator.   

When you need more versatility and are not disintegrating carbide, the IQ precision head can disintegrate large and small tooling up to 1″ in a single pass.

The above charts show when to use an Arc-er head VS when to use an IQ head and the capability per KVA for our metal disintegration machines.

While the Arc-er disintegrating head offers portability, the range of tap sizes that it can disintegrate are limited.  The IQ head offers a wider range of tap sizes to disintegrate and is bulkier so it needs to be used with a fixture or column and table option.

Both heads have our Auto-Feed option.  If you are looking at purchasing a new Electro Arc Metal Disintegrator, we recommend using our Machine builder to find the best machine for your needs.

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