Electro Arc has been making metal disintegrators since 1947, longer than any other company.  In fact, the original owner of Electro Arc was part of the American team to develop the technology for MDM (Metal disintegrating machines) a subcategory of EDM.  This means there are a lot of used machines on the market.  They may not all be sold with their original manual.  While we caution customers who are looking at purchasing used metal disintegrators that these machines may not be in good working order, we know in some cases this is the only option for obtaining an Electro Arc metal disintegrator.

You can always purchase a new metal disintegrator manual from Electro Arc for Uni-Tek and Electro Arc machines.  In some cases, you can also purchase a manual for Jiffy or Elox machines as well, although not every manual is available. Here are some common questions we receive regarding the manuals:

Why do we charge a fee for our metal disintegrator manuals?  Since there are several versions of each manual, it is important that we check your serial number in order to identify the manual you will need.  Electro Arc manuals are proprietary information.  We provide a bound book that can be used for the life of your machine.

Why can’t I download my manual online?  Electro Arc has chosen not to make manuals available online due to proprietary reasons.  We are in the process of updating the manuals once again and may offer them online in the future.

Can’t I just purchase a used manual from eBay?  You could, but there is no way to be sure that it is the correct version of the manual for the machine that you are using.  It is also risky because you don’t know if you are purchasing a complete manual.

What other resources are available besides the manual for machine owners or old metal disintegrator owners?

This website is dedicated specifically to providing support in the form of articles, videos, and infographics to help you work through setting up your metal disintegrator for the first time, troubleshooting issues with your metal disintegrator, examples of applications, and by providing information on how to maintain your machine.

Electro Arc continues to offer support for older metal disintegrators, if you choose to have it repaired you will need to ship it t our facility.  Sometimes just the disintegrating head needs to be sent in.

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