You can use your Electro Arc Arc-er head with common machine tools as a support.  The options below illustrate head support and coolant recovery.

Using your metal disintegrator In Shop Supports:

The ARC•ER Head has a 1/2″ by 2″ (12.7 mm x 50.8 mm) straight shank arbor that can be secured
in a 3-point chuck or 1/2″ (12.7 mm) end mill holder or an Electro Arc magnetic-base fixture.
The diagrams below show several options for both head support and coolant recovery.

SAFETY CAUTION: Prior to mounting the head in any machine tool, completely disable spindle rotation by unplugging the machine tool and/or turning off spindle power.

Portable Head Support

When you’re away from your normal shop tools you may want to use one of our purpose-built head supports. To use the IQ Head in portable mode you’ll need our 36″ Magnetic-base support (shown at right) or something similar.

You can use our mini-mag fixture with the Arc-er disintegrating head.

Coolant handling

Built-in coolant. Most of our AC Portable machines have a built-in coolant tank and filter to facilitate recycling the coolant. Some shop tools have coolant capture troughs or tanks you can adapt as shown.
For others, like a simple drill press, you can capture coolant in a bucket as shown at left. Use a filter with it.
Using Fresh Water as Coolant. The External Valve option allows use of alternative coolant sources instead of coolant in a built-in tank. Coolant must be water soluble or direct fresh water, and cannot be synthetic or oil based. You feed it into your machine via the optional External Valve (below)

After each use of fresh water, you’ll need to relubricate the pump by running the machine with water-soluble coolant.