Quick Operating Instructions for your Metal Disintegrator

In the past, these instructions were included with every new machine that was shipped out from Electro Arc.  These instructions are most helpful to those who own a tabletop AC metal disintegrator from Electro Arc. Although you should e able to follow these 1 steps to get started with your Electro Arc metal disintegrator.

Since these steps may vary depending on the age of your  machine, the model, and the features of your machine, we recommend that you refer to the manual provided with your machine or you may order a replacement manual for your machine.  We have also provided a new Setup and Operation section for instructions by machine model to help you with your metal disintegrator.

This is a quick guide to operating your Electro Arc metal disintegrator.  This is not a replacement for the manual provided with your machine.  Please refer to our other resources to ensure that you follow all of the safety recommendations, have all of the appropriate accessories and that you are sizing your electrode properly for your intended disintegration job.  Please reach out to our technical support team if you do not know if your machine is wired properly to be run on your building power as attempting to run a machine with the incorrect power will blow your transformer.  We can provide repair services for your old Electro Arc or Uni-Tek metal disintegrator or disintegrating head.

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