How do I Get a New Manual for my old Metal Disintegrator

Electro Arc has been making metal disintegrators since 1947, longer than any other company.  In fact, the original owner of Electro Arc was part of the American team to develop the technology for MDM (Metal disintegrating machines) a subcategory of EDM.  This means there are a lot of used machines on the market.  They may

10 Easy Steps to Operating your metal disintegrator

Download this guide Quick Operating Instructions for your Metal Disintegrator In the past, these instructions were included with every new machine that was shipped out from Electro Arc.  These instructions are most helpful to those who own a tabletop AC metal disintegrator from Electro Arc. Although you should e able to follow these 1 steps

8 Electro Arc Machne Operating Tips

Infographic: Follow these 8 Rules when Operating your Metal Disintegrator Electro Arc Metal disintegrators are designed to be operated with little training.  As with any machinery, caution is advised when operating your Electro Arc metal disintegrator for the safety of your operator as well as the preservation of your machine.  For best results, practice with