Electro Arc’s Model 2-SQT is a compact, powerful workhorse designed for removing broken taps, drills, studs, work-hardened metal, or any hard conductive material, in hard-to-reach locations. 

This model Features:

  • IQ Precision Disintegrating head
  • Maxi Mag head support system provides complete positioning freedom without sacrificing rigidity. Seven precision movements – 360 degrees rotation in 3 axes, plus 4 linear motions – allow precise alignment of the cutting path.
  • The magnetic base exerts a 1500-lb. pull on ferrous surfaces for a secure grip
  • Metal cabinet with four casters for easy movement around the shop 
  • Heat selector for precise cutting control 
  • LED-light Current Indicator for precise current control 
  • Lighted push buttons plus an emergency stop button 
  • Built-in coolant system, with a 90 PSI pump plus seven-foot power/coolant cable and 10-liter coolant tank

The Electro Arc model 2-SQT AC portable metal disintegrator features our 2-S cabinet for easy mobility. This model comes with our IQ head which can disintegrate taps as small as 0-80 inches and up to 2 inches in one pass. Disintegrate larger tooling in multiple passes. This disintegrating head comes with our Auto-Feed option which eliminates operator error and maximizes performance. Complete in our magnetic base fixture which attaches to ferrous surfaces providing you with stability and convenience to use directly on the part. When you purchase this model you can choose from options including the cart and cabinet, dual coolant valve, and cable extensions.

See The 3000 LB Magnetic Base :

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    Hello, Snowden Tooling is located in Western Australia, We operate a general machining and wire EDM cutting facility and are seeking recommendations for a bolt removal tool for bolts up to 1 1/4in. Regards, David Riddell, Director CRG P/L

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