Electro Arc Features in a Competitive Market

Simple to Operate – Electro Arc metal disintegrators are engineered to operate worry-free.  There are no warning indicators, no pressure gauges, or special adjustments to make after the disintegration process.   Power: The 15 or 10-KVA power supply (now includes 20KVA)  supplied with Electro Arc metal disintegrators allows you to disintegrate holes as large as 1 inch through

What are the Features of Electro Arc’s model 2-SQT?

Electro Arc’s Model 2-SQT is a compact, powerful workhorse designed for removing broken taps, drills, studs, work-hardened metal, or any hard conductive material, in hard-to-reach locations.  This model Features: The Electro Arc model 2-SQT AC portable metal disintegrator features our 2-S cabinet for easy mobility. This model comes with our IQ head which can disintegrate