When the Electro Arc feature was released in 1968 it resembled a mailbox in structure.  Released as the transistorized power feed, this option regulates disintegration and feed automatically.  Originally available only for the LBH head, the auto feed feature was updated in 1975.  This is a convenient feature that monitors your disintegration rate for you.  This feature may look different depending on the year you purchased your metal disintegrator.

Why doesn't my auto feed go down?

In order for your Auto feed to feed in the downward direction, Disintegration must be turned on and the “Heat Selector” must be on a number, (1 thru 8). There is a sensing coil on the output side of the disintegrating transformer. This sensing ring sends a voltage to the auto feed board that activates the circuit for controlled feed downward. When disintegration and auto feed are turned on, the head will feed down using the feed pot and Low / High switch to control the feed. When disintegration is turned off or the Depth switch is depressed, the head will feed in the “up” direction until turned off. There is no control for the up direction.

If you have no feed.
Turn off the circuit breaker on the back of the machine. Open the auto feed door. Look for loose wires. Pull the auto feed circuit board and re-seat it. This board can come loose. Make sure that it is pushed all the way in. Try it again. Remember: Disintegration must be on. (Lower push button, left-hand corner) When the disintegrating transformer is turned off. The head will feed in the up direction until it is turned off or the “up “ limit switch is depressed.
If you still do not have feed in both directions;  check the sensing signal for the disintegrating transformer.  The auto-feed motor is a closed unit.

A special auto-feed unit is customized for our large tabletop machines as seen on the upper left.  The auto feed is available with or without amp sensing technology.  Amp sensing detects the current going through your electrode. If the current exceeds the desired level, the feed will stop until that current level returns to the desired level and the auto feed will continue.  In 2020 we updated the Auto Feed design because we could no longer source the power boards for this component.

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