The model 2-SC is our most versatile and powerful portable DC metal disintegrator. This machine will disintegrate your HSS, Hard, and Soft metals as well as all Carbide. The disintegrating head is a heavy-duty assembly with an automatic servo feed system.  You can use this machine to remove broken taps from #2 (2 mm) up to 1 1/4″ (32 mm) in one pass.

Here is an example of how you can set up your machine for stud removal:

If you are disintegrating a 1 1/8″ stud, 2 1/2 inches deep, you will need a 3/4″ square graphite electrode.

This is the procedure if you are using our model 2-SC disintegrating machine, in this example, the machine is wired for 220VAC
The electrode we are using is a 3/4″ Carbon (Graphite), actual size .730″ square.

When you conduct a burn with your metal disintegrator, use the DC selector chart to determine the appropriate machine settings. In this case, our machine settings are:

Power selector switch—————————–#7 or #8
Servo Feed——————————————-Maintain 40 to 60 amperes on meter.
Head Vibration————————————-6.5 to 7.5 %

As a result of this setup, our results were:

Cutting Time 30-35 minutes
Depth of Cut 2 1/4″
Electrode Erosion 1/4″

Note, you may not have to cut to 2 1/4″ depth, as we did in the example. You can use a use breaker bar at 1′ deep, to remove the stud more quickly. If the stud does not come loose, you can disintegrate to 2″ and try again.

Also, choosing the correct electrode size will determine your intended outcome. We recommend that you go smaller if you are unsure. Since the electrode size, is a key component, the setup is critical. As a new machine user, you will want to take your time getting familiar with the setup process and how each size electrode burns, as this can help you plan accordingly.

Alignment Procedure for Stud Removal 

Disintegrating on the truck
1-Remove the tire and wheel assembly.
2-Use a torpedo level to level the truck. Rotate the motor wheel hub so that the broken stud is at the 9:00 o’clock position. Put the level on a good stud, using a hydraulic jack raise and lower the truck to get stud level.
3-Level the machine front to back and side to side.
4-Rotate the disintegrating head parallel to the stud. (Check with level).
5-Raise/lower the disintegrating head and put on the centerline of the stud.
6-Use a right angle to align the disintegrating head to the stud.
7-After the broken stud is removed, rotate the motor to the next broken stud. The machine should align to the centerline.

Disintegrating the stud off of the truck on the motor rack:

1-Using an overhead crane, position the motor so that the broken stud is at the
9:00 o’clock position.
2-Level the motor rack so that the motor and stud are level.
3-Level the machine, rotate the disintegrator head and check level.
4-Move the disintegrating head up/down and left/right to get on centerline of the stud.

See the Electro Arc Model 2-SC in Action!

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