Getting Started with an Electro Arc Model 2-S Metal Disintegrator

The first thing to remember when you have a new (or new to you!) metal disintegrator is that it must match your building’s power.  Our transformers are built at the time of the machine build and cannot be changed.  Power voltage options are:

  • 120
  • 240
  • 380
  • 480
  • 550

Attaching the Cables to the Back of your machine:

Attaching the power coolant cable to your metal disintegrator

Tightening the Power Coolant Cable

Attaching the Power Coolant Cable to your Disintegrating head

Getting your Disintegrating Head Ready

Proper grounding is crucial, otherwise, you won’t be able to disintegrate properly.  The ground cable must be on the workpiece or tabletop

The spindle adapter fits into the chuck lock nut, with the collet inside.  See below for instructions to assemble these items with your electrode

Not sure how to Install the Electrode?  Make sure you have:
AC Spindle Adapter
Chuck Lock Nut
Electrode and matching Collet

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