The model 2DBQT was replaced about 18 years ago. It is now called the model 2DVQT. This is the exact same machine except; the cross arms were rotated 90 degrees for greater stability and rigidity. This engineering change was a 30% improvement with the cross arms fully extended. Electro Arc Metal Disintegrators were first introduced to the world in 1947. The Electro Arc process is simple.

Electro Arc Model 2-DVQT:

The 3 major functions of an Electro Arc Metal Disintegration Machine:

1: Spindle vibration – The spindle on an AC disintegrator moves up and down .020” at 60 cycles per second. DC metal disintegrators move at 120 cycles per second.
This process makes and breaks an electrical arc generated in the power supply.
2: Coolant Flow: Coolant is pumped from our internal tank to the tip of the hollow electrode that is made of Molybdenum. The output volume from our onboard coolant pump is 90 psi at 120 gph. This coolant output must not be limited or restricted in any way. This can cause permanent damage to your machine.
3: Power: The power from our power supply will vary depending on the power supply rating.
We offer a 3 KVA (with 5 heat selections), a 10 KVA (with 8 heat selections), a 15 KVA (10 heat selections), and our largest the 20 KVA (with 8 heat selections).

How Electro Arc Metal Disintegrators Work:

When all of these functions come together (head vibration, coolant, and electrical power) the power of the Electro Arc process is in full effect. As you bring the head down and the head is within range, the tip of the electrode jumps an electrical arc full circle of the electrode disintegrating the metal in front of it at 5000 degrees.

On the down stroke (head vibration) the arc turns steel into a liquid state. On the upstroke, (head vibration) the coolant coming down the electrode tube hits the hot molten steel creating a thermal shock that will pulverize the steel into a powder and wash it out of the hole.

The electrode is sized to be half the diameter of the tool being removed. What we have done is separate the cutting flutes from the core of the tool. When the bottom of the tool is reached, the bits are easily removed with a set of magnetic picks.
Our machines will remove all tools and fasteners without damage to the part, hole, or threads.

How to get started with your 2-DBQT

The serial number of your machine will alter these instructions for older machines which are model 2-DVQT with the toggle switch.
Steps to Turn your machine “ON”:
1) Turn the Breaker on the back of your machine to ON
2) The RED E-stop push button is spring loaded or a twist and pull type switch.
3) Press the Head Push-button. This starts the head vibration.
4) Press the COOLANT push button. This starts the coolant to flow. “Cover the electrode with our splash bag or wrap a shop towel around the brass nut at the end of the spindle to contain the splash.
5) Set the “Heat Selector “ to the appropriate selection for the tool being removed. See the Heat selector chart. Do not change this selection while running your machine, it will cause permanent damage!
6) Press the Disintegrator push button. This engages the disintegrating transformer.
Your machine is now ready to begin disintegrating!

Note: The auto feed is an option on any machine model containing a “T” such as the model 2-DBQT.  Please refer to your manual for more information on how to use this function.
*Always keep the current meter in the Green / Yellow range for best results.  Running the machine in the Red will cause excessive electrode usage, can cause the electrode to burn unevenly, and will cause your machine to stop due to overheating.

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