3 Steps to Remove Broken Tooling

Electro Arc’s process disintegrates out your broken bolt, tap, drill, and other tooling with no damage to the threads.  Easily remove broken tooling in 3 simple steps.

  1. Choose the correct size electrode.
  2. Disintegrate it!  Remove the broken tooling in minutes with our disintegrators.
  3. Remove the pieces from the hole, leaving the threads intact!

This process will save you money by keeping production on schedule, reducing scrapped parts, save labor costs and time because you can remove the broken bolt yourself!  A metal disintegrator from Electro Arc can solve all of your broken tooling problems!

How the Electro Arc Process Works

Cutting like a drill, Electro Arc’s patented process cuts along a single axis through an electrically conductive material.  Unlike a drill, the work is done using a    powerful electric arc created at the tooltip which is a hollow electrode.  The arc formed by Electro Arc metal disintegrators vaporizes metal, our DC machines can vaporize carbon.  The sparks created by this process pull particles out of the electrode and target the metal rapidly eroding them simultaneously.  An alternating current (AC) fluctuates between 0 and 50-60 times per second for our AC machines and 120 times per second for our DC machines.  Our process takes advantage of the low voltage moments to clear away the vaporized material between the arc cycles.  This is done using our high-pressure coolant which flows through the electrode.  

The coolant breaks the arc on each upstroke thermally shocking the particles of hot metal flushing them away and recreating the arc on each downstroke.  The reliable durable electrical and mechanical setup of our machines provides efficiency that enables this process to work so quickly and smoothly.  Voltage, electrode quality, coolant composition, and pressure and precision of the vibrating electrode work together to make the Electro Arc process work for you.

Electro Arc disintegrating heads vibrate a hollow tube electrode along its axis.  The electrode is connected to one side of a low voltage high current power supply and insulated from the rest of the machine.  You advance the vibrating electrode toward the target material until it is close enough to create an arc with the workpiece.  The arc is created as the electrode moves down and broken as it moves up.  Coolant pumped at 90 PSI cools the workpiece and protects it from warping.  This heating and cooling process cuts a ring into the material allowing you to remove your broken tooling with no damage to the part.

Electro Arc Servo head Removing 3/4" Broken Bolt:

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