AC Portable Metal Disintegrators Featuring the Arc-er Disintegrating Head:

Electro arc metal disintegrators are designed to remove not only broken bolts, taps, and studs but also sheared bolts and seized bearings, saving your expensive parts.

This method works if you are working with a recessed fragment, multiple methods are recommended, depending on the size of your broken tooling.  You can also use square or shaped electrodes to assist in removing this broken tooling.

  • Eliminate production over-runs
  • Inventory overages
  • production delays
  • scrapped parts
  • late deliveries

Broken drillsRemove broken drills in minutes using our AC metal disintegrators.  You can remove up to 3/4″ taps in a single pass with the Arc-er Disintegrating head and our 10 KVA option.  the is standard on our models 3-S, 2-S, and 2-SB, it is also an option on a variety of other models.  You may also choose to purchase a fixture for this head as well.  The IQ disintegrate head allows you to disintegrate tooling from #0 up to 2″ in a single pass.  This disintegrating head is an option on many of our AC metal disintegrators. 

The Model 2-SQFeatures Portability with our IQ Precision Disintegrating Head:

Broken Taps can be removed using the machines mentioned above. You will want to choose one of our DC metal disintegrators if you are disintegrating carbide tooling.  You can remove carbide drills and carbide buttons with any DC metal disintegrator by Electro Arc   We offer the full-size servo disintegrating head, mini disintegrating head, and pancake disintegrating head on the DC metal disintegrator models.

Seized Studs – In addition to removing broken drills and taps, you can also remove seized studs with any Electro Arc metal disintegrator.  Choose the DC machine if they are made of carbide.  Otherwise, choose the appropriate disintegrating head and machine style using our Machine Builder tool.

Use a metal disintegrator as a solution for your Seized bearings as well!  These are just a few of the applications you will find for your Electro Arc metal disintegrator.

Remove 1/2" and Larger Tooling with the Bolt Eater:

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