Arc-er, IQ, and Servo heads are built to last. Proper use of these disintegrating heads and columns is critical to keep them working optimally. The disintegrating heads can be adjusted for use at any angle. The column structures are designed to allow you to position the disintegrating head over the part accommodating large and deep parts as well.

The levers for Head position adjustment are circled in the picture above

Adjusting the position of your disintegrating head happens with 3 sections of your crossarm. A series of levers allow you to secure the column, cross arms, and disintegrating head in place since they swivel horizontally and vertically, it is best to practice adjusting these options and double-check they are secure before disintegrating at an inversion or 90-degree angle. You can move the column forward and backward to center it over your part, and you can move the head up and down to accommodate your part size. You can also rotate the head itself 360 degrees.

How to Adjust your IQ Head:

The heavy-duty disintegrating head is an electro-mechanical device. Using an electrical coil and a spring, the spindle shaft moves in up / down directions. Electronically, there is a 78-volt AC to the coil in the head. This voltage is turned on and off at 60 cycles per second. During the “on” time, the spindle shaft is magnetically pulled in a downward direction. In the “off” time, an adjustable spring in the head pulls the spindle shaft in an upward direction. The spindle shaft mechanical movement is controlled by a stop plate on the spindle shaft and the stroke adjuster. The spindle shaft travels a total distance of .020” thousands of an inch.

Head Adjustments: With the machine turned off.
.020” thousands adjustment
1) Loosen the socket head screw on the stroke adjuster’s collar.
2) Rotate the stroke adjuster fully clockwise until it stops.
3) Back off the stroke adjuster 1/3 of a turn. This will give you the .020”.
4) Lock the stroke adjuster by tightening the socket screw in the collar of the stroke adjuster.

Return spring adjustment:
1) Locate the spring adjusting bolt in the top cap assembly. Remove the anti-rotating button screw from the top cap so you can insert and rotate the adjusting bolt.
2) Make sure the “Stroke Adjuster” pot located on the power panel is set at 100%
3) Turn on the “Heat” vibrating circuit.
4) With a 7/16 Allen wrench, rotate the adjusting bolt clockwise until a distinct vibrating noise is heard. Push up on the stroke adjuster with your hand. You should find the spindle shaft hard to stall if the head is adjusted properly. Repeat this adjustment until you have maximized the strength of the head vibration.
5) Replace the anti-rotating button screw. Make sure this screw is positioned in the middle of the slot provided in the adjuster bolt.

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