Industrial applications for Electro Arc metal disintegrators are far and wide.  If you need to remove broken tooling fast, the Electro Arc metal disintegrator is your best bet.

Construction and off-road applications for metal disintegrators include the ability to repair off-road equipment onsite, enabling work to continue quickly. Broken rear wheel studs are no longer a problem when you have a metal disintegrator onsite.

Marine Applications for Metal Disintegrators –  Our model 2-SB is designed for removing taps, drills, studs work hardened metal or any hard conductive material in hard-to-reach locations.  The powerpack is compact enough to fit through circular bulkhead openings in submarines as well as surface vessels.  The disintegration head is compact,

Accurate disintegration requires the head to be solidly supported and precisely aligned on its disintegration path.  This model’s head support provides complete positioning freedom without sacrificing rigidity.

Metal disintegration in the power industry  – popular for wind turbine repair, our metal disintegrators assist leading power companies to remove rusted bolts, maintaining equipment in time-sensitive situations, and in performing general maintenance.

Aerospace applications for metal disintegration The founder of Electro Ac was part of the team that developed Metal disintegrators just for this application.  Parts for aircraft, aircraft engines, space vehicles, and guided missiles are expensive, and scrapping them is not an option.  Save production parts including engines, wings, and landing gear by removing distorted or broken rivets taps drills, and bolts to keep your project on budget and meet your deadline.

Transportation and metal disintegration in the automotive and related industries can be used in maintaining your production equipment.  Quickly remove bent or frozen bolts and dowel pins.  Use your metal disintegrator in hard-to-reach locations such as dies and molds.

Disintegrating broken bolts in Mining and Milling is perfect for extracting cutting tips from drill heads and making repairs in off-shore rigs.  Also, repair your mining equipment onsite with our heavy-duty machines you can rest assured they are up to the job.

Infrastructure applications for disintegrators across industries allowing you to complete difficult cutting and extracting jobs on large components 

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