The following videos were created within the last 6 months to address your frequently asked questions about operating our metal disintegrator.

How do I install my electrode?

The demonstration below shows how to install your spindle adapter, chuck lock nut, and electrode on your disintegrating head

How do I tighten my Arc-er Head Properly?

Use two wrenches when tightening your chuck lock nut onto your disintegrating head to avoid damage to the thread and permanent damage to your disintegrating head.  Always exercise machine operating safety!

What are the Benefits of a Magnetic Base?

Electro Arc offers two fixture options, the mini-mag is a magnetic base designed specifically for use with our Arc-er disintegrating head.  Both magnetic bases can be used on any ferrous surface making it easy to disintegrate in hard-to-reach areas.

You can use the 3000 lb magnetic fixture with the Arc-er disintegrating head or IQ disintegrating.  This fixture provides you with the rigidity of a column, more travel, and 3000 pounds of holding power.

What Does the Amp Sensing Feature for Auto Feed Do?

Our Auto-Feed feature is available with or without the amp-sensing feature, learn more about the benefits of the amp-sensing feature in the video below:

What is the Difference between an Arc-er and IQ Head?

Learn more about the difference between our AC disintegrating heads.  The Arc-er head is great for portable applications, the IQ head offers you a larger range of disintegrating capability. 

When should I replace the coolant in my metal disintegrator?

Running your machine with dirty coolant can cause permanent damage to your machine.  Be sure to change your coolant regularly and make sure you are using Electro Arc coolant to protect your machine from rust.

How do I adjust the Auto Feed on my Metal Disintegrator?

How the Depth Stop Feature Works

Here is a demonstration of how the depth stop feature works.  This feature helps to ensure you will not burn too deep.  This is especially helpful in blind holes.