You Can Have Your Disintegrating Head Rebuilt, or You Can Have the Whole Machine Rebuilt

Rebuilding your Electro Arc disintegrating head can save you money in the long run, and prevent damage to your machine. Reduce noise levels and eliminate the chief causes of downtime for your business.

When you rebuild your IQ-disintegrating head here’s what you can expect. We always disassemble, clean, and test all components to determine what needs to be replaced.  14 key components will be replaced with new parts, old bearings will be replaced with ceramic sleeve bearings.  New springs provide increased tension, New chuck lock nut is machined to retain your splash bag.

What are the options for upgrading your IQ head?

1. Thermal protection which eliminates burnt cables and other more expensive damage.  A light on the control panel alerts the operator to an over-temperature condition and the machine is shut down.  The cutout resets automatically when temperatures return to spec.

Anti-Fall System – Balances the weight of the head to eliminate crashes and the hassles of locking and unlocking the head.

3. Digital LED Monitoring System – cuts electrode consumption avoids many repairs and improves overall performance.  Use the intuitive, eye-level LED power meter to get maximum performance with ease of operation. With this upgrade, you may notice cutting performance and machine efficiencies improved by up to 100 when removing broken taps and drills.

New construction features of our IQ head can reduce noise.  The Delrin top cap can make the head quieter when you are disintegrating.

Compare Electro Arc's Arc-er and IQ Disintegrating Heads:

Signs your head needs to be rebuilt:

  • Coolant leak
  • shock to the operator while disintegrating
  • weak to no vibration after following adjustment procedures
  • LEDs not working
  • Burning smell during disintegration
  • slow disintegration

If you are sending your metal disintegrator in for repair or refurbishing services, please download the RMA form and submit it to us with your purchase request form.

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