Getting Started with a New Electro Arc Metal Disintegrator

These accessories are recommended to use with your new metal disintegrator.  Even if the machine is not new, but new to you make sure you have everything you need to get your metal disintegrator running!

When you receive a new machine quote, we will include these items on your quote unless you ask us to remove them.  If you own another machine, you may not need all of the items listed.

Our case of coolant provides you with 12 bottles of Electro Arc S.P.C water primer.  This special solution protects your machine from rusting.  You mix this with water at a 20-1 ratio.  It is important to run your machine with clean coolant.  Running your machine with dirty coolant can permanently damage your machine.  

How often will I need more coolant?
This depends on how often you are using your metal disintegrator.  Keep an eye on the coolant and change it when it is dirty.

Can I use EDM coolant?
Please do not use die-electric fluid or kerosene as coolant in your metal disintegrator.  These machines create a spark which will cause safety concerns with flammable liquids.

Specially designed to contain the coolant splash while you are disintegrating, these splash bags also protect your eyes from the Arc during disintegration.  You receive 50 splash bags with a few “o” rings to secure them into place.

How many do I need?
You can use the splash bag until it shows noticeable wear, the sparks will wear at the bag and it will need to be changed.

Can I get clear splash bags?
In the past, we have sold clear splash bags, now we are only selling the black splash bags.  We may offer clear splash bags in the future.

We provide a set of 8 different size magnetic picks to assist you with removing broken fragments from your disintegrated hole.

How long does the magnetic pick set last?
These picks should last you years and would only need to be replaced if they are broken or demagnetized.

Inspection Light Kit

The inspection light allows you to see into your disintegrated hole.

How long does it last?
With regular care, your inspection light will serve you for quite a while.

The starter set contains six of our most common sizes of electrodes and collets.  You may choose between standard sizes and metric sizes. This kit is now available for purchase on our website as well.  When it is time to order more electrodes, use our sizing chart to determine which size electrodes you need to disintegrate your broken tooling.

Why can’t I order individual electrodes on your website?
At this time, we have had too much of a fluctuating price for the electrode sizes to offer them for sale on the website.  We have added each size of molybdenum electrode to the website so you can easily request a quote.  You may also contact us directly to purchase them.  All collet sizes are available for purchase on the website.

What else do I need to operate my Electro Arc Metal Disintegrator?

You receive the chuck lock nut and spindle adapter (there is a different spindle adapter for AC and DC machines) with your disintegrating head.  The previous starter set provides you with the electrode and collet and all of these components fit together to get started with disintegration.  You may need to order replacements for these accessories if the thread wears out.  Not tightening these components together properly will lead to stripping the thread.  

Order a replacement Electro Arc Manual

Often, you will purchase a  used Electro Arc metal disintegrator which comes with no manual.  We have several manual versions depending on the year your machine was manufactured, each manual comes complete with the wiring diagrams you need to get your metal disintegrator up and running.  Even if you just misplaced your manual, you can call us to purchase a replacement.  We will need you to provide the serial number of your machine so we can get the appropriate version of the manual for you.  Since Electro Arc purchased Jiffy, Elox, and Uni-Tek, we can also offer you old metal disintegrator manuals for these machines as well.