When your metal disintegrator is not operating normally, or slow to disintegrate, request a rebuild for your Arc-er, IQ or Servo disintegrating head and increase the life and efficiency of your disintegrating head, refresh your disintegrating power and improve the longevity of your metal disintegrating machine when you have your head rebuilt by our factory.

We offer refurbishing services for your old metal disintegrator.   Over the years Electro Arc machines have been upgraded

KVA power options have been upgraded for many of our machines

The LBH head is now obsolete and has been replaced by the Arc-er Head

The Auto feed has been upgraded, including a new board, we use in every new auto feed

A new connector has been made for your disintegrating head.  Read about our pigtail upgrade here.

Each machine is different, the machine will likely need to be shipped to our facility for full evaluation and service.  In some cases just the power pack needs to be sent in.

We also offer repair services for your metal disintegrator.  We support most Electro Arc and Uni-Tek models.  For a thorough repair evaluation, it is necessary to send your machine in.  You may also choose to trade your machine in for a new model.  Depending on the age, condition, and if the machine works, the value of the machine may be applied to the cost of your new machine.

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