Electro Arc Manufacturing is a Michigan based company

Electro Arc manufacturing was originally opened in Detroit Michigan in 1947.  The company was started by Harold Stark, a metallurgist, and investor after participating in the trio that developed the principle for EDM in America.  This development made parallel advancements in Ukraine at the same time.  After successfully developing a specific machine for removal of broken bolts for their employer, an aircraft company each participant in the team used this accomplishment to launch lifelong careers.

Harold Stark’s career was dedicated to metal disintegrators from the time he started Electro Arc.  He was an investor and acquired many companies over the years,  beginning with Syncro Cut, a company that worked with Electro Arc during development and which was absorbed into the company. Stark’s son continued over the years purchasing companies until their last major purchase of Uni-Tek.  In the beginning years of Electro Arc development, the company worked closely with a local university improving the metal disintegrator design for the initial 3 basic machines to the over 40 metal disintegrating machines, both portable and tabletop, AC and DC powered with a variety of enhancements including the auto-feed feature we continue to make today.

Electro Arc relocated from Detroit to Ann Arbor Michigan when a notable purchase was made by Stark.  Harry Bennet who was famous for his association with Ford and whose multiple properties have outlandish features as described in the article above, contacted Stark and offered to sell him his “castle” located on Geddes road.  This was one of many properties he owned in Michigan alone.  This unique property came complete with an island, and that is where Electro Arc spent a majority of its time.  

In 2019 Harold Stark sold the company to Keith Stillion, the owner of Stillion Industries.  The company moved to its current location in Dexter Michigan.  The Stillion Industries machine shop had provided machining services to Electro Arc for years, and now makes more of the components for these machines than ever before.

As the new owner of Electro Arc metal disintegrators, Stillion Industries has been committed to improving the metal disintegrators and continuing to offer quality support for current Electro Arc and Uni-Tek machine owners.

Due to changes in technology and availability of components, Stillion Industries has continued research and development for the improvement of metal disintegrators.

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