While EDM and MDM evolved from the same breakthrough in technology, they are different methods using the same concept.

If you are not sure if you need MDM or EDM here is a comparison of the two methods.

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) may be referred to as spark eroding and includes many sub-categories including die sinking and wire erosion.  These machines create a spark and two electrodes to create fine cuts or holes.  These machines tend to be very expensive.

Metal disintegrating machines were developed specifically to disintegrate out broken tooling such as broken bolts, broken taps, broken pins and more.  These machines also use a spark but do not use two electrodes, just one.  A variety of electrode sizes, shapes and materials can be used to accomplish the task of removing broken tooling and saving the part they are broken in.  This process saves hours of time attempting to use something like easy out to remove the broken tooling.  It has been proven to save thousands of dollars for industries including power industries, aerospace companies, oil and gas companies and in military applications as well.

Some newer machines are available on the market and are appealing because of their cheap price, but these machines do not remove broken tooling in minutes like Electro Arc metal disintegrators, they are not long-lasting machines and they can end up costing more money in the long run.

  1. Applications: EDM is commonly used for machining complex shapes and profiles in hard metals, while MDM is primarily used for removing broken or seized components from workpieces. EDM can be used to create very fine and precise details, while MDM is used to remove broken or damaged parts without causing further damage to the workpiece.

  2. Materials: EDM can be used on a wide range of materials, including hard metals such as titanium and carbide, as well as softer materials such as aluminum and copper. MDM can also be used on a variety of materials, but it is typically used for removing broken or seized components from steel or other metals.

  3. Precision: Both EDM and MDM are highly precise machining processes, but EDM can achieve higher levels of precision than MDM. EDM can produce very fine and complex shapes with tolerances in the micrometer range, while MDM is typically used for larger components and has slightly lower precision.

  4. Equipment: The equipment used for EDM and MDM is different. EDM machines use a tool electrode and a workpiece electrode, while MDM machines use a metal disintegrator with a special electrode that matches the shape of the component being removed.

Overall, both EDM and MDM are valuable non-traditional machining processes with unique applications and advantages. While EDM is better suited for creating complex shapes and achieving high levels of precision, MDM is ideal for removing broken or damaged components without causing further damage to the workpiece.

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