Infographic: Follow these 8 Rules when Operating your Metal Disintegrator

Electro Arc Metal disintegrators are designed to be operated with little training.  As with any machinery, caution is advised when operating your Electro Arc metal disintegrator for the safety of your operator as well as the preservation of your machine.  For best results, practice with your machine and take your time when setting up to burn a new part.  Always ensure your machine is hooked up properly before attempting to disintegrate.  Touch the electrode to your work part and stop to confirm that the electrode is properly aligned before you continue with your disintegration.  If the electrode sticks to the side of the hole, bends or walks during disintegration, your desired outcome will not be reached.

This list of Dos and Don’ts gives you the best guidance for proper operation of your Electro Arc Metal Disintegrator.

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