Troubleshooting Guide for Electro Arc Metal Disintegrators

This new detailed troubleshooting guide is free to download!  Follow simple steps to review:

Machine Dos & Don'ts
Arc-er Head troubleshooting
IQ Head Troubleshooting
Auto-feed Troubleshooting
Servo Head Troubleshooting

Your Metal disintegrator troubleshooting guide can help you through simple to advanced troubleshooting of the most common questions we have Electro Arc owners ask.

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Do you need help choosing a new Electro Arc Metal Disintegrator?

You may be wondering if you should choose a metal disintegrator with an AC or DC power supply, check out the video below to help you choose the best option for your application.  Electro Arc manufactures over 40 models of metal disintegrators, offering choices to meet a variety of broken tooling removal needs. Try our new tool designed to help you choose a new metal disintegrator.  Our machine builder will take you through all of the options to choose the right metal disintegrator for your needs.

Also, see how easy it is to operate one of Electro Arc’s metal disintegrating machines in the tap zapper demonstration video.

Operational Troubleshooting Videos

The following videos address how you can quickly address problems with adjusting your disintegrating head, no spark when you are attempting to disintegrate, and Autofeed troubleshooting steps.  These are older Electro Arc Video from before Stillion Industries purchased Electro Arc.

Adjusting Your Disintegrating Head

Troubleshooting No Spark

Troubleshooting Autofeed

Download SDS Sheets for Electro Arc Electrodes and Water Primer:

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