Metal disintegrator machine conversions and rebuilds were a trend started by Jiffy Tool Supply Co. during their short time as metal disintegrator manufacturer.  They claimed to have converted hundreds of competing machines like the ones above.  They also guaranteed them to cut faster than when purchased new because of their special disintegrating head.  

After purchasing Jiffy Tool Supply Inc. in 1968, Electro Arc continued offering the conversion services including rebuilding services.  Jiffy, Elox, Uni-Tek, Thomas and other competing brands were rebuilt by Electro Arc well into the 80s.  Conversion kits were sold fo ‘Do-it-yourself Conversion Installation’  This kit included a fast cutting power pak and Electro Arc disintegrating head as well as 20 easy steps to converting a metal disintegrator in the field.

Conversion called for disassembly of much of the machine, modification to the cabinet, upgrading the transformer  and upgrade of the disintegrating head.  In many cases, clients would upgrade their unit to include the auto-feed feature as well.  These conversions improved the performance of the machine and were more cost effective than purchasing a new machine.

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