Formed in 1955, Jiffy Tool Supply Co, Inc. was formed by John Funke and Frank Bugher who worked with Harold Stark, Electro Arc founder, developing the first disintegrating machine. Headquartered in Royal Oak Michigan, the competition was fierce between Jiffy and other metal disintegrating companies. Jiffy marketed and sold 14 different metal disintegrators and launched a campaign claiming to convert any competing disintegrating machine to make them cut faster than other machines using their electro-magnetic disintegrator head. Promotions describe the metal disintegration process in the same way it is used at Electro Arc’s . “The process of heating and cooling is so rapid that the Rockwell hardness of the metal adjacent to the hole is unchanged.”

A publication from the Bureau of International Commerce mentions both Electro Arc and Jiffy Tool Supply negotiating manufacturing in Australia at the US Exhibition at the 4th international Engineering show in September of 1967.

Jiffy manufactured a variety of metal disintegrators, including machines specializing in Steel Roll Branding, such as the model J-1.  Machines were offered in a variety of voltages.  They also claim that their disintegrating head worked underwater.  Jiffy was also a national distributor for Ekomix Electrical discharge machines and Electrical discharge machines which were also purchased and marketed by Electro Arc after the acquisition.  This product never took off.

Electro Arc purchased Jiffy Tool Supply in 1968.  They continued supporting the machines and offering machine conversions for quite some time.  While these machines are obsolete, some tool collectors have found and restored these machines to offer broken tap removal services.

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