When you get Started with a New Metal Disintegrator, Here's What you Will Need:

Electro Arc accessories include:

Electro Arc water primer (coolant)  – Water Primer is essential to the proper operation of your machine.  Using the metal disintegrator without water primer or with the wrong kind of water primer can cause permanent damage to the machine.  Never operate your Electro Arc metal disintegrating machine with dirty coolant.  This could affect your machine’s cutting efficiency or damage the coolant pump.  Electro Arc water primer is a concentrated solution formulated with rust inhibitors to allow your machine to operate at its most efficient level.  One 32 oz bottle mixed with water makes 20 gallons of solution.

splash bagsSplash bags contain the coolant during your disintegration.   While clear splash bags may be more desirable, because you can see the disintegration process, black splash bags protect your eyes from the arcs created during the disintegration process.

Collets  – Collets hold your electrode in place.  A collet is available for every size of electrode available.  When you purchase an electrode, be sure to have the appropriate collet.

Electrode Holders (for graphite electrodes)  – If you are using a graphite electrode you will need the graphite electrode holder.

Electrodes (available in molybdenum, copper, and graphite) –  Choosing an electrode will depend on the material you are disintegrating.  While molybdenum (moly) electrodes are more expensive, they last longer and will disintegrate very hard metals, including High-speed steel and carbide quickly with the least wear on the electrode.  The molybdenum electrodes we sell are produced from 95.5% pure molybdenum.  These electrodes can be used in tight tolerances and are finished with centerless grinding to 05mm tolerances.  Graphite and copper electrodes may be desirable when a specific outcome is needed.  Graphite electrodes may be purchased in different shapes to allow shaped holes to be disintegrated or to assist with removing a broken bolt.  Electro Arc offers most electrode sizes in 6, 9, and 12-inch lengths.  We also provide random-length (RL) electrodes on special order.  Your part number will indicate the length of your electrode.  For instance, part # 1609-9 indicates a 0.090 electrode that is 9 inches long.  Remember to use your selector chart to determine what size electrode you need.

magnetic pick set -The magnetic pick set assists you with removing disintegrated pieces after you have disintegrated out your broken bolt, tap, or screw.

Inspection light kit -this special design inspection light assists you with seeing inside of your disintegrated hole.

If you are looking for a part number, download our part number sheet.


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