Adjusting your disintegrating head and column

Arc-er, IQ, and Servo heads are built to last. Proper use of these disintegrating heads and columns is critical to keep them working optimally. The disintegrating heads can be adjusted for use at any angle. The column structures are designed to allow you to position the disintegrating head over the part accommodating large and deep

How are Electro Arc’s IQ and Arc-er Heads different?

A Look at How the Arc-er and IQ Disintegrating Heads are Different: The Arc-er disintegrating head is great for portable use and offers the versatility to disintegrate at any angle.  Chuck this head to your machines like a drill press or use it with one of our fixtures. You can remove broken tooling from

Is it time to rebuild your Disintegrating Head?

You Can Have Your Disintegrating Head Rebuilt, or You Can Have the Whole Machine Rebuilt Rebuilding your Electro Arc disintegrating head can save you money in the long run, and prevent damage to your machine. Reduce noise levels and eliminate the chief causes of downtime for your business. When you rebuild your IQ-disintegrating head here’s