Troubleshooting Guide for Electro Arc Metal Disintegrators

This new detailed troubleshooting guide is free to download!  Follow simple steps to review:

Machine Dos & Don'ts
Arc-er Head troubleshooting
IQ Head Troubleshooting
Auto-feed Troubleshooting
Servo Head Troubleshooting

Your Metal disintegrator troubleshooting guide can help you through simple to advanced troubleshooting of the most common questions we have Electro Arc owners ask.

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My  metal disintegrating machine won’t turn on:

If your machine doesn’t turn on or trips the main circuit breaker as soon as you turn it on:

Double-check the voltage on the front panel of your machine  – this voltage must match the voltage of your building for the machine to work.  Use a voltmeter to confirm the power voltage.

If just your head, Pump, or disintegration won’t turn on:

Ensure your “master off” switch is fully disengaged

Check your 10 AMP fuse

Remember never change the heat setting in the middle of a cut, this can cause permanent damage to your machine!

If you notice erratic vibration and fluctuation in the current from green to red on the amp meter check for loose fragments and check to see if the core of the broken tool you are disintegrating is loose.  These pieces should be removed with a magnetic pick set before continuing.  The LEDs will show red when you are feeding too fast or cutting soft material.  In some cases when disintegrating blind holes this may indicate you have broken through the hole. Another thing to be aware of is uneven burning of the electrode in the hole.  The LED will go into the red if the electrode is arcing to one side of the hole. This can be caused by a loose workpiece or loose cross-arm lock.  Be sure to stop and check if there are fluctuations.

Check the Travel on Your Ar-er head

Never force the rate of feed as this will stop vibration

The spindle stroke is another critical element to check when having issues with erratic sounds early in your disintegration.  Check the gap (travel) on your disintegrating head.  You should be able to slide a .020 feeler gauge into this gap.  If it is too tight or loose, it will not disintegrate at all.  This can also cause excessive use of your electrode. Firmly grip the chuck lock nut and pull down to check, it should be tightened 1/3 of a rotation.   Loose connections at the collet chuck can disintegrate the chuck and cause it to fall off.  Follow the tightening directions on your Arc-er Head – use two wrenches!

Keep the Electrode distance as short as possible and never let the electrode come into contact with the workpiece.

If the issue is with the auto feed, make sure the limit switch is not in contact with the switch actuator.

Check the fuses

Check the auto feed terminal strip

Check the auto feed fuse and replace it if necessary.  It may be necessary to set your IQ head back to factory settings for optimal operation.


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