Your Introduction to Metal Disintegration Terminology - Infographic

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) EDM is similar to MDM but they are different forms of the same technology.  Electrical discharge machining has evolved since its discovery and aid in many forms of manufacturing.  Some subcategories of EDM include wire EDM, and die sink EDM.  These tools are very efficient in their respective applications but are not suitable for broken tool removal.

Metal disintegrating machines (MDM) are a specialized form of EDM specifically designed to quickly and efficiently remove broken tooling.  Electro Arc was the first company to patent this technology and has been making metal disintegrators for 75  years. With over 40 models to choose from, you can use our DC metal disintegrators to disintegrate carbide tooling.  AC metal disintegrators are perfect for disintegrating high-speed steel and other conductive materials.  While they are most popular for removing broken bolts, our machines can remove any broken tooling in a matter of minutes.

Spark Erosion is a term more commonly used in other countries to refer to metal disintegrators.  When someone is looking for a spark eroder, they may be looking for an EDM or MDM machine depending on the application.

Over the years many companies have entered the metal disintegration market offering metal disintegrators.  For marketing terms, these machines have been branded with fun names.

“Tap Zappers” may refer to many of our AC tabletop models as this term was more familiar to customers.

Bolt Buster is another term that may refer to more robust metal disintegrating models.  Our Bolt Eater is trademarked with this name for good reason, this machine is designed to remove bolts inches and larger and is well known as our most powerful machine.

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