Troubleshooting Guide for Electro Arc Metal Disintegrators

This new detailed troubleshooting guide is free to download!  Follow simple steps to review:

Machine Dos & Don'ts
Arc-er Head troubleshooting
IQ Head Troubleshooting
Auto-feed Troubleshooting
Servo Head Troubleshooting

Your Metal disintegrator troubleshooting guide can help you through simple to advanced troubleshooting of the most common questions we have Electro Arc owners ask.

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  • Molybdenum Uses

    You may not know that Molybdenum is one of the 90 naturally occurring elements.  It is actually a rare element.  Classified as a refractory element with a melting point of 2620 degrees Celsius.  The name of this metal comes from the Greek word for “heavy”.  In fact, Molybdenum used to be confused with lead because…Read…

  • Adjusting your disintegrating head and column

    Arc-er, IQ, and Servo heads are built to last. Proper use of these disintegrating heads and columns is critical to keep them working optimally. The disintegrating heads can be adjusted for use at any angle. The column structures are designed to allow you to position the disintegrating head over the part accommodating large and deep…Read…

  • How to Hook up your Model 2-S for Disintegration

    Getting Started with an Electro Arc Model 2-S Metal Disintegrator The first thing to remember when you have a new (or new to you!) metal disintegrator is that it must match your building’s power.  Our transformers are built at the time of the machine build and cannot be changed.  Power voltage options are: 120 240…Read…