Troubleshooting Guide for Electro Arc Metal Disintegrators

This new detailed troubleshooting guide is free to download!  Follow simple steps to review:

Machine Dos & Don'ts
Arc-er Head troubleshooting
IQ Head Troubleshooting
Auto-feed Troubleshooting
Servo Head Troubleshooting

Your Metal disintegrator troubleshooting guide can help you through simple to advanced troubleshooting of the most common questions we have Electro Arc owners ask.

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  • Electro Arc Features in a Competitive Market

    Simple to Operate – Electro Arc metal disintegrators are engineered to operate worry-free.  There are no warning indicators, no pressure gauges, or special adjustments to make after the disintegration process.   Power: The 15 or 10-KVA power supply (now includes 20KVA)  supplied with Electro Arc metal disintegrators allows you to disintegrate holes as large as 1

  • How long does my Electro Arc Coolant Last?

    The coolant system is essential to the metal disintegrating process.  Your metal disintegrator heats the electrode to 5000 degrees in order to disintegrate the metal, the coolant cools this temperature down so that no damage occurs to the electrode or part during the process.  It also prevents the machine from overheating.  It is important to

  • Do you Still Support the LBH Head?

    The LBH Disintegration head was released by Electro Arc in the mid-60s. Electro Arc announced that this head would be obsolete after 1998 when the current replacement, the Arc-er disintegrating head was released.  Electro Arc offered a trade-in value for some time to current LBH head owners when they upgraded to the new Arc-er head.