If you are interested in purchasing a portable metal disintegrator, you may need one of our fixture options.  Our Arc-er disintegrating head chucks up to your machine tools such as a drill press or lathe.  The IQ precision disintegrating head requires a crossarm or fixture to operate.  The fixture options include the 800-pound magnetic base which is available with the Arc-er disintegrating head.  The 36″ fixture is available for either the Arc-er or IQ disintegrating head.  You may also choose to have our Auto feed included with this fixture.

Some machines come standard with a fixture such as the 2-SQT .  This portable metal disintegrator includes the magnetic-based fixture that the head is mounted in and also features our auto feed system, which will allow for hands-free operation.   This portable machine is a great option for on-site disintegration and disintegrating in tight spaces.  As with all of our machines, you can choose the power you need with this machine.  You can upgrade your KVA to 10, 15 or 20 to accommodate larger-size tooling.

Electro Arc's 36" Magnetic Fixture:

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