The LBH Disintegration head was released by Electro Arc in the mid-60s.

Electro Arc announced that this head would be obsolete after 1998 when the current replacement, the Arc-er disintegrating head was released.  Electro Arc offered a trade-in value for some time to current LBH head owners when they upgraded to the new Arc-er head.  They also offered to remanufacture old LBH heads for a limited time.  Electro Arc no longer supports the LBH head and does not offer parts or repair services for this head.

LBH and Arc-er Disintegrating Heads – What’s the Difference?

Both heads are identical in shape and size, and operate in the same way, allowing you to chuck the head up to machine tools like a drill press and fitting electrodes in the same way.  The new Arc-er Head is completely compatible with all Electro Arc fixtures as the LBH head was.

The ARC-ER offers a built-in LED current monitor. We use 3 green LEDs, 3 yellow LEDs, and 2 Red LEDs to alert your operator as to how the machine is performing. Keep the machine in the green and yellow area and the machine is running at its maximum efficiency. Red indicators tell the operator to slow down.  If you are still operating a LBH head and it fails, we will offer a direct replacement with the Arc-er head.

Some Electro Arc machine owners may still be using the old LBH head.  Electro Arc machines are built to last and the LBH head may still be in good operating condition, especially if it has not been used frequently.  If your LBH head has been well cared for and is working properly you may not need to replace it.  You can see an old LBH head operating in the video above.  The advantage of upgrading your old head is that the new head has the current monitor.

When you send in your Arc-er head for reconditioning, we will send you a reconditioned head within a week.  This is convenient so you don’t have much downtime without your machine running.  If you upgrade to a new Arc-er head, there will be a modification for your machine.   This one-time conversion became necessary when we were no longer able to source parts for the connector and had to upgrade.

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