Why do I need the Serial Number of my Metal Disintegrator?

You may need the serial number of your Electro Arc metal disintegrator if you are requesting a replacement manual or repair or refurbishing services.

You will also need this number if you are purchasing repair parts for your metal disintegrator since the design has changed over the last 75 years.

Even if you want to rebuild your disintegrating head, your serial number is important because we have different versions of disintegrating heads over the years, and your head may not be eligible for service, you may need to upgrade.

Why is the serial number important?

The serial number gives us the age of your machine.  We can check your serial number against our records to determine what year it was built, we may also have service records for your machine on file.

You can learn the history of your machine from the serial number.

Electro Arc now offers over 40 models of metal disintegrators, but when the company first started in 1947 we only had 3 models of metal disintegrators.

Depending on the age of your machine, the serial number may be on a nameplate like this one, which features the Model, KVA, Serial number, Voltage, AMPs, and Hz of your metal disintegrator.  This nameplate would be found on the back of your machine, this is the case for larger machines or special built machines.  If you have a newer machine, you will find your model number, serial number, and other machine information at the bottom of the control panel for your machine.

As an Electro Arc machine owner, you may be interested in learning about the history of your machine.  Especially as we celebrate 75 years of Electro Arc history!  We are reaching out to establish a relationship with old machine owners.   We are also looking for the oldest working Electro Arc metal disintegrator!

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