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Metal Disintegrator Table Top Models

Table Top machines are complete metal disintegration work centers with the work support, head support and coolant system needed for efficient disintegration. Cast iron work tops provide secure support for parts as they are worked on, and a good electrical grounding. The work top surface is machine ground with built-in T-slots for standard T-bolts to hold parts securely during the disintegration process.

Table Top machines include a column and cross arm head support system that provides solid, precise control of the disintegrator head and auto feed units are available to provide added control to the process. Each unit comes with a built in coolant system consisting of a 90 PSI pump, coolant tank and drainage channels in the worktop for optimal performance and recycling of coolant.

All of our metal disintegrators include a power supply, disintegrating head, cabling and controls.

Table Top Model Series

2SE Series 2SA Series 2DV Series 1SV Series HK Series


Model Series Selection

To select the Table Top model that is right for you, determine the size and positioning requirements of your work pieces. Our standard sizes for table top size, column height and cross arm length from the centerline of the head are listed below by model series. Column height is measured from the top of the table.

If you do not find a size that fits your work piece, click here for information on custom machines.

Table Top Series

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